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In the footsteps of beauty: Riga beauty salon Nofrete

In the very center of Riga (E. Melngaila street 5) is located a beauty salon named after the Egyptian pharaoh's wife Nefertiti - Riga beauty salon Nofrete. Since the bust of the queen was rediscovered in 1913, Nefertiti has become a global icon of femenine beauty and power. Her name translates to “The beautiful woman has come”. She has also been depicted on the walls of ancient tombs and temples more frequently than any other Egyptian queen. It is also believed that she ruled Egypt for some period of time.

John and Stasi Eldredge in their book called “Captivating” concluded that each woman in the depths of her heart longs to be beautiful, and that is something all the women have in common worldwide. The girls already at a young age love to play games with dressing up, and secretly they take the mom's powder and eyeshadows and do the magic makeover, but afterwards they come out of their hiding place and ask: ”Am I beautiful?” This is a thing that women never stop questioning. In childhood, it is the father that is expected to pay tribute, later on it is the beloved one.

Going to beauty salons is a powerful way to increase the feminine energy - that is something that the well-known Latvian author Ugis Kugis has mentioned in his book “Couple”. He seems to be in accordance with John and Stasi Eldredge by somehow matching the essence of femininity with beauty. The beauty procedures are said to help the women to return to the basis of their identity that is rooted in the desire to multiply beauty. Even though each woman has her own concept of what is beautiful, the fair sex deserves to be pampered and relax anyways. At the end of the day, what would be a world without a woman?

Body, facial and nail care

In the beauty salon Nofrete there are various procedures and services offered, and they can be divided into 3 groups: body treatments, facial treatments and nail care. In order to take care of the body there are a variety of massages available, hot wrapping, waxing, body correction and many other options.

The face is believed to be the least protected part of the body as unlike the rest of the body it is not covered throughout our everyday activities. Therefore, it requires special treatment and care. Nofrete offers to improve the condition of the facial skin with the help of various internationally recognized procedures and cosmetics. In addition to seeing a cosmetologist, it is also possible to visit a dermatologist in the very saloon of Nofrete - this way a corresponding treatment and procedures will be recommended. Sometimes it may also be useful to turn for advice to a trichologist that is a dermatologist specialized in hair and scalp care.

Finally, there are also treatments for hands and feet. It is possible to sign up for manicure, gelish, gel nail extensions, VinyLux manicure, pedicure and French-gel cover.


Cosmetics is an integral part of an everyday life of a woman that helps to highlight the beauty. In the salon it is possible to take care of the make-up - so that it is always nicely applied and besides so that a face would be done for even various years just with one application. This can be achieved by permanent make-up. This procedure is pain-free and later on there is no additional care on a daily basis needed. Permanent make-up can be applied to eyebrows, cheeks and lips. A beautiful shape of eyebrows and correctly chosen color can significantly improve the overall image. And in case there has always been a secret desire for plump lips, this may become reality by a contour round the edge, thus magically achieving an impression of thicker lips.

In the salon, also the artistic eyebrow shaping, henna colouring and educating the client on eyebrow make-up is offered. This type of eyebrow correction and shaping lasts about for a month. In addition, eyelash extensions are available. Besides, when applied the false eyelashes look completely natural and the natural life cycle of eyelashes won't be disturbed. With these eyelashes it will be possible to still attend saunas and go to a swimming pool - they will not let you down even in the most extreme conditions. This procedure is quite time consuming as it takes about 1,5-2 hours. And later on it is necessary to visit the eyebrow expert once a month for a repeated eyelash care procedure.

Magical injections?

Injections are also available at the beauty salon. Not only they help to get rid of the wrinkles and gain an impression of a more youthful skin, but also can turn out helpful when it comes to different health conditions. They can really be considered as one of the most miraculous medical achievements nowadays that allows not only to fulfill the dream of a prolonged youth, but also treat various diseases.

For example, when visiting a hair specialist trichologist, a patient may be recommended to undergo plasmolifting procedure. Such symptoms as increased hair loss, receding hairline, thinning hair or hair that have lost their natural sparkle, may require additional injections in addition to drug treatment.

When autologous plasma is injected, the therapeutic effect can be quickly observed - it promotes cellular metabolism, improves both oxygen and blood supply to the tissues, which in turn improves hair growth. In this procedure the patient's own blood is used, from which the plasma for injection is obtained. The blood sample is placed in a tube that contains the anticoagulant. This tube, in turn, is placed into a centrifuge in which the necessary plasma gets prepared.

With the help of injections also such dermatological diseases as psoriasis can be treated. It is a suitable solution if there are dark circles under the eyes, the facial skin tone seems to be dull or there are scars or stretch marks visible on the skin. In such cases, a dermatologist may recommend carboxytherapy. It also helps if the patient has cellulite or obesity.

Botulotoxin injections are used to correct mimic wrinkles. They are so effective as botox contains protein that relaxes muscles and blocks the release of acetylcholine in the body. However, this miracle drug can be used not only to get smooth facial skin, but also to treat increased sweating or hyperhidrosis, which can be observed not only in the armpits but also in the hands and feet.

In salon Nofrete also such innovative injection as tread lifting is offered. It is an especially effective method to smooth out wrinkles, as well as it helps to regain firm facial skin by lifting up the sagging outer eyebrows. This procedure is also recommended not only for the face, but also for other body parts, for example, to deal with skin folds on the chest and slackening of tissues on the inner thighs. Besides, not only this procedure is going to help the women that hope to keep youth longer, but also after pregnancy or rapid weight loss to regain an attractive skin if there is slackening of tissues observed in the abdominal section. During this injection a thread is implanted and the result remains even for 2 years. After 180-240 days the thread is completely resorbed. In addition, this procedure is a non-traumatic face and body lifting method.

In the footsteps of beauty

It is said that beauty is going to save the world. And if a woman really has to win some battle, why not start it in a beauty salon? If there is some argument in the family or a certain inner tension can be felt, sometimes, instead of solving some seemingly unsolvable question for hours, all that is necessary is a relaxing massage, after which life gains new colours. Such massages as anti-stress massage, Thai foot massage or foot massage with Mediterranean shells not only give pleasure to the body, but also a sense of relaxation afterwards. If an important event awaits or an important decision has to be made, instead of spending an anxious, sleepless night, it is better to have a relaxing massage. A good-night-sleep and a calmer mind on the following day is guaranteed.

A sense of inner peace that awakens the sensation characteristic to the feminine energy of “everything is alright”, is needed at every home. Not in vain in the proverbs of the Old Testament it is said that it is better to live in the corner of the attic than with a quarrelsome wife. And instead of being greeted at home by a frustrated and overwhelmed fury, what about a goddess that just came out of the beauty salon?

“The beautiful woman has come” - not only the Egyptian queen Nefertiti has earned these words, but any woman that has returned from the beauty salon Nofrete.

Even such a seemingly small thing as manicure can bring great changes to life. Besides, the choice of the color can become a peculiar game of communication. It is said that red nail polish attracts both wealth and attention of men. And John and Stasi Eldredge, the authors of “Captivating”, are convinced that the deep desire to be chased after is also something that all women have in common. Maybe that is why all these beauty salons - the women are looking for the beauty elixir, but later on the same women are looked for by men… And surely there is a reason why Ugis Kugis has emphasized that a woman should always look beautiful in the presence of her man. If I were a man, I would surely agree.

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