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Free classifieds in Latvia surprise

The local portal dalder.lv has been operating already for some while in Latvia, offering an innovative market platform for classifieds. Every seller wants his offer to reach the broadest possible range of potential customers while customers long for a reliable service guarantee and quality products. In cooperation with the new portal, we will find out what aspects on the website of dalder.lv surprise the new users - and this is mainly related to the wishes of sellers and customers having been heard as the website provides higher security of the deals for both parties involved and provides valuable marketing tools for tradespeople to promote sales.

The low price is what surprises

First of all, the new users are bewitched by the basic idea of Dalder - free classifieds in Latvia. This idea is based on the thought that the essential functions of the classifieds’ portal should be available to everyone - there is no charge for placing standard advertisements. Not only is it free during Covid crises to help develop creative ideas and new businesses, but the site’s creators promise that it will always be like that.

Only such sales promotion channels as campaigns, gifts, and coupons, that are more advanced are offered for an additional fee. And yet, it only makes up 10% of the regular sales expenses.

The prolonged expiry date is what surprises

Unlike other advertisement websites, where the users have to pay for the extension of the advertisement every few weeks, it is possible to post an ad in dalder.lv that will remain active for up to 1 year without renewing it.

The website is what surprises

Surprising is not only the website dalder.lv itself, but also the opportunity to get your own mini-website as the new user. The mini website organically fits into the common platform. A profile is created for each user, and it equals a home page. Each ad posted by the user is linked to this website - there it is possible to find more information about either an individual seller or the company. The profile can also be linked to other social network platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. This helps to gain more recognition in other channels and reach a wider target audience.

In the mini-website, there is a place for the person’s or company’s name as well as for the profile and background picture. Business owners usually choose to put a logo instead of an image. There is also a separate section where you can view all the user’s published ads together and the contact section.

The reviews are what surprises

One of the main functionalities that raise dalder.lv to a whole new level among other advertisement portals is the possibility to publish a review or evaluate the company or an individual seller in a five-star system. It is an opportunity to provide feedback about the quality of the service or product received. It also creates a reference point for future buyers to make a smarter decision about purchasing what is needed from a particular trader.

In general, it has been studied that reviews increase sales up to 18%, as the possibility to leave the feedback increases the customer’s confidence and reduces doubts. Reviews also help to strengthen the brand name and credibility. Even one review from the client can create higher confidence and provide the necessary initiative for future clients to buy the product or service.

This, in turn, protects buyers from unpleasant situations when the seller offers a low-quality product. The review system makes it possible not to stay silent about such cases. It significantly increases the possibility that the sellers will not offer products of questionable goods on the website at all.

The filters are what surprises

Dalder provides a much more personal approach. Each user can save their favorite ads in their profile and create filters that will help find the desired ad. If, for example, you are interested in an apartment in Riga in a certain price category, you have to go to the relevant section, select the appropriate parameters and press the “save” button. Once saved, the created filter can be given a name and found later on again by clicking on the filter icon on the left side of the username in the website's left upper corner.

Suppose a new classified appears in the selected category according to the relevant criteria. In that case, the user will receive a message by email and in the notification panel of the advertisement portal. Thanks to this, you will finally not miss the necessary ad and be among the first that contact the seller. It will also save your time - the next time you search for the same product with the same criteria, you will not have to re-enter the data, but you can simply click on the existing filter.

The clients' support is what surprises

If there is any confusion, you do not have to give up because there is someone to ask the question. When you have registered on the portal, you can contact the Dalder support team by opening the correspondence in the lower right corner of the page. The team can help with a wide range of issues, both technical and marketing-related.

Surprise also yourself with a bonus of 50 EUR!

By registering as a new user, you can also discover other amazing Dalder features, a pleasant design of the website, and an inspiring bonus of 50 EUR in your digital wallet. This is a start-up capital donated by the portal to try out more sophisticated sales promotion channels. By registering as a business user or self-employed, you can promote your product with the help of ads and promote your product in the form of gifts, coupons, or campaigns. Then you can check whether it helps attract new customers.

The reviews' system is a guarantee of safety and promotes fairer and higher quality trades on advertisement portals in Latvia. Dalder offers this and much more.


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