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In the center of Riga two cars fell under the sidewalk

On June 5, an emergency occurred at the intersection of Gertrudes and Brivibas streets. Right on the roadway, two cars fell into the pits. At the moment, the exact cause of the incident is already known. Participants in such an unusual incident for Riga immediately contacted the police. At about 10: 32, a call was received to the local traffic police Department. According to the report: two cars fell under the paving stones, but one of them managed to get out of the hole on its own.

Several road police teams and aid groups went to the scene. As a result, special investigations of the site were conducted and assistance was provided to the victims.
According to some reports, the pits were formed under the paving stones as a result of irresponsible work of utilities. In this area, there was a break in the heating main, the water washed away the soil and led to the formation of pits. In the morning traffic of cars and there was this incident involving two cars of the BMW brand and Mercedes.

Responsible officials have already reported that at the time of the incident, hydraulic testing of the pipes was carried out. As a result, the pipe failed and burst. It also became known that the communications laid in this place have already served for almost 57 years.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/

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