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Disneyland Park: what is remarkable about the Park

Perhaps the most famous amusement Park in Europe-Disneyland Paris has become a firm symbol and leader of fun parks on the continent as well as around the world. Here, where magic is part of reality, children can meet their favorite Disney cartoon characters, and adults can find their way back to childhood.

Disneyland Paris includes 2 amusement parks and several attractions for recreation, shopping, new unique experiences and fabulous moments. Roller skates have decorations that are typical of various Disney cartoons-Alice in Wonderland, Indiana Jones, Pinocchio, Mickey mouse, Peter pan, and more.
At Disneyland Paris, every child will begin to believe in fairy tales and magic, and making friends with adored characters will be an unforgettable moment for any kid. A number of live shows, parades and themed events will be interesting for adventurous parents or young people. Places for shopping, Golf, bodybuilding will appeal to everyone, and fun and adventure walks will impress you for a long time. This way, when you first visit Paris or return to the French capital, don't miss a visit to Disneyland. We promise you a world of history and a day full of positive emotions!

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