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What not to do when playing chess

Chess is a noble sport by the simple fact that it is a confrontation of the intellect. But beyond intelligence, training, creativity, face - to-face, two players are two people, with unique personalities and emotions, with their own expectations and fears.

Not hurry. Chess is a game of thinking, you don't get anything extra if there are more minutes left on the clock.  Don't put unnecessary pressure on yourself or your opponent.

Not angry. Even if you just made a wrong move, try not to get overwhelmed. This is not the end of the game.

Don't focus too much on the end result. It goes without saying that in any sport, winning is desirable and represents absolute motivation. No normal person in the head initiates games of any kind for the purpose of losing! But the very elegance of the game is valued even more than the victory!
Don't give up early. Despite the fact that the game took an unpleasant turn, do not give up without a fight. Give yourself a chance, but give your opponent a chance to enjoy the competition.

Modesty is a quality of real people. Don't brandish statuses, ages, grades, or any other prospects that may psychologically interfere with your opponent in the game.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/

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