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Bioengineering on Board the space station

Target areas of research include astronomy, meteorology, material chemistry, and, perhaps most importantly, the behavior of the human body in outer space.

Thus, it was noted that microgravity causes loss of muscle mass and bone density, reduces the body's immunity and accelerates cellular aging. Instead, all these changes create new opportunities for studying biotechnology that are not available to ground-based laboratories.

Thus, the latest innovation in space bioengineering is represented by "tissue chips".
These are small devices populated by different types of cells, linked to a protein matrix and connected via a network of channels. Thus, the chips form real miniature organs that allow you to study diseases in an environment close to the conditions in the human body.

Their applications range from regenerative medicine research to pharmaceutical research and even the study of cellular Senescence. In addition, due to the microgravity environment on the space station, changes at the cellular level occur at an accelerated rate, producing results that will last for months or even years on the earth's surface.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/

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