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Bandaging women's feet in China

Bandaging women's feet in China is considered one of the oldest and most important traditions. The first mention of such a procedure dates back to the 10th century.  It is believed that the reigning Emperor Xiao Baojuan became extremely excited at the sight of his dancing concubine. The girl had small feet and danced among the lotuses, unwittingly becoming the author of this tradition for centuries to come.

Tight bandaging of the girls ' legs began when they reached the age of three. The procedure was performed by specially trained people, and no one had the right to remove the bandage. As a result, the feet succumbed to a huge deformation, which was not subjected to further correction. In fact, the legs were deformed by a thick cloth, but for Chinese men, such a spectacle always seemed especially exciting and trembling.
Often they did not even unwrap the fabric from the feet of the chosen ones during intimacy, so as not to experience disappointment.

Initially, leg bandaging was considered a pleasure available only to representatives of noble families. Over time, this Convention was erased, so this procedure began to expose all representatives of the fair sex.

Despite feeling pain and discomfort, the wearers of the bandages were denied the right to loosen the bandage or move their legs while resting. They had to do everything possible in order to conform to the canons of beauty, despite the sharp pain and constant discomfort.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/

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