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The first breast implants were tested on dogs

Having decided to create in the field of plastic surgery, American medical inventors did not immediately risk conducting their experiments on people. For a long time, they were looking for volunteers who would be willing to implant small pieces of plastic in their body, resembling a bag of water. The first participant in the experiment for implanting a silicone implant was Esmeralda the dog. Doctors implanted a silicone pouch under her skin, trying to observe what was happening.

But the animal strongly opposed such interference. The dog chewed through the stitches after the operation, after which the surgeons had to urgently remove the silicone, which could lead to the death of Esmeralda.
After making sure that the procedure was relatively safe and harmless, doctors began actively searching for a woman who would volunteer to become the first owner of a silicone breast. It was Timmy Jean Lindsay, who was not afraid of public condemnation and decided on a dangerous experiment.

She later admitted that she did not feel any acute pain or discomfort during the operation. She did not remember the process, but a certain feeling of heaviness in the chest area persisted for several days. Then it disappeared, and Timmy completely forgot that she was not the owner of a real bust.

The doctors who took part in the experiment were satisfied with the results. They did not even immediately appreciate their contribution to the development of plastic surgery around the world. Only years later, such operations have become commonplace, which has spread around the world. And no one of the modern beauties almost does not remember that the pioneers in the beauty industry were an ordinary dog and a fearless woman who was not afraid to make dramatic changes in her own body.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/

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