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Discovered what actually happens after death

Researchers at the German research center spent a lot of time trying to understand exactly what happens to brain cells after a person's heart stops. They were able to find out quite unusual information, according to which the brain's neurons remain active for 5 minutes after the actual death. To obtain this information, studies were conducted on 9 people in critical condition. It turned out that after the heart stopped, the blood movement, which is responsible for the saturation of cells with oxygen, stopped. As a result, they began to die off, and the brain's neurons remained active for some time.
Having obtained this data using special electrodes, the specialists made numerous efforts to revive people. But all attempts were in vain, and the progress of toxic decay provoked the cessation of activity of brain cells. This process is very fast, so it is impossible to intervene or prevent the consequences. Such experiments did not produce a world revolution in the struggle for life, but brought scientists closer to understanding the principle of death.

Many conjectures and assumptions are being made about the soul, not one of which has not yet received proof of its rightness. But numerous studies have shown that after death, a person immediately loses 21 grams of weight for unexplained reasons. This led scientists to conclude that this is how much the soul weighs, which is separated from the body immediately after cardiac arrest.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/

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