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Trier is an ancient city in Germany

The oldest German city of Trier is an ideal place for excursions without crowds of tourists and interesting museums. It is located on the Western Bank of the Moselle in a valley between vineyards of hills in the province of Rhineland-Palatinate, which is almost on the border with Luxembourg.

An interesting fact is that the city is rich in history, as it is part of the heritage of the treverians, Romans, Gauls, Franks and Huns. Its name comes from the galse tribe Treveri, who submitted to Julius Caesar around 50 ad. Later, the Emperor Augustus decided to rename the city to Augustus Travers, which literally means "the city of Augustus in the country of Travers".
There you can find ancient ruins, museums, monuments, neat houses, quiet streets and beautiful parks. One of the biggest attractions there is the Karl Marx house Museum, since Trier is his hometown.

This German town is also home to the world's oldest city gate, the Porta nigra, and the world's oldest Cathedral, St. Peter's.  Trier has many historical monuments of different eras, but the most famous of them is the Black Gate, which is a symbol of the city and is included in UNESCO. They are about 30 meters high and were built over 180 years from huge stone blocks without the use of cement.

Among the attractions you should definitely visit the amphitheater and Roman baths, the early Christian Basilica of Constantine the Great, the Palace of the Reich Kesselstadt and St. Peter's Cathedral.

It is also worth seeing the waterfalls in the center of the beautiful city of Saarburg, located on a hillside next to the Moselle river, located 20 km from Trier, but the most beautiful view in this area is undoubtedly swimming in the Swan river.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/

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