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Primitive laws in the Dani tribe

The ancient Dani tribe was discovered by an American scientist in the first half of the last century during his travels in New Guinea.

One of the most ancient tribes has its own traditions and customs, which they carefully adhere to. It is believed that a girl can marry at least 14 years, and after the birth of a child for 4 years, she has no right to enter into a physical relationship with a man.

For most of their lives, men and women live in different homes, performing their duties according to the hierarchy. Representatives of the strong half are engaged in hunting, fishing and farming, and their half raise children and look after the house. Dating is considered necessary only for procreation and occurs on the neutral side, since walking on the territory of the husband or wife is considered a great violation.
One of the customs of the Dani tribe is the need for women to deprive themselves of the phalanx of a finger as a sign of special grief for a deceased male of the family. They have no right to mourn the loss, but they must disfigure themselves.

The second strange feature of the people is the mummification of their ancestors. Now this ritual is almost a thing of the past, but several bodies are stored in the center of the village, considered a Shrine. Previously, such artifacts were present in all those who had to lose relatives. These mummies were regarded as agents of the spirits. Each time a dispute arose, members of the community went to the shaman for advice, who entered into a mental connection through the dried body and gave an answer.

Today, the number of Tributes is rapidly decreasing, because most of the young population is trying to go to the cities and get higher education, abandoning their historical roots.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/

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