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Weather in Egypt in January 2020

Egypt is a country of pyramids, ancient temples, and the great Nile. . . and great beaches where you can have a good time and sunbathe all year round. And if you decide to spend January in Egypt, perhaps Your choice is justified, since the weather in Egypt in January - February is warm, and the number of tourists is less than the rest of the time. Buying a discounted ticket is not such a difficult task.

The temperature in Egypt in January may vary depending on which resort you have chosen for yourself. For example, a well-known resort like Sharm El-Sheikh, which is widely popular among Russian tourists, will please visitors with warm weather. the average air temperature in this part of Egypt in January does not fall below + 20 degrees, usually it is +24-+25. The water temperature in this part of Egypt is also quite high in January. This means that you can swim.
For fans of colder temperatures, Hurghada, a city located relatively close to the capital of the state - Cairo, is ideal. In this part of Egypt, the temperature rises to 21 degrees in January. Warm, but not hot.

For those who find it difficult to get used to our frosty winters after the 20-degree heat, Alexandria is a resort where the average January temperature does not exceed 18 degrees above zero.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/

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